Ninth Kingdom

Vanil’s Ninth Kingdom is a renaissance of sorts, for many long-absent parts of Vanilli culture resurface during this time, not the least of which is a resurgence of worship for the Three Sisters in the Portsport District. The roots of Tinder’s Champions are also firmly planted in this Kingdom, for many of the adventurers were born during this time or have had direct experience with the consequences of what came to pass during this age. Aside from this, however, little else of importance occurs, as the events that take place during the upcoming Tenth Kingdom build to a head.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

Year 1294: Beginning of the Ninth Kingdom.

Year 1324: Lakesclerk is founded as a Clensaba outpost in response to intermittent Tumish raids coming from the north along the Second Great Northern Road.

Year 1325: A lengthy conflict with the gnoll bands of the Tumish Steppes is begun with the Tumish who reside on the plains.

Year 1343: Portsport resumes open worship of Harova and a temple in her honor is erected near the South Docks, the first structure dedicated to the Three Sisters to be built in centuries. The remaining two sisters also gain traction and worshipers in the city, though they lack an official place of worship.

Year 1359: Clerics of the Destroyer and clerics of Casada clash in open violence in Portsport. The conflict escalates and peaks with the summoning of a greater cerrochim by clerics of the Destroyer, which breaks free from their control and escapes the city, leaving a trail of death in its wake.

Year 1384: Clensaba forces abandon the city of Tuma. Some Tumish return to the ruins to scrape out a living there, but the majority remain on the steppes. The city quickly becomes a common, albeit dangerous, haven for criminals and outlaws of all races and nationalities, as well as adventurers following tales of treasure.

~Year 1425: Nomadic Tumish complete their cleansing of the Tumish gnoll bands. The few survivors flee northward to the Hobgoblin Reaches.

Years 1428-1433: The riichnas of Thyde and Derma Juchad repel surprise attacks of darchnaim and silver riichnas from the Darklands. This is the first inter-riichna conflict since the Third Kingdom.

Year 1452: Zelligar the Unknown is born in Suxold.

Year 1455: Content Not Found: Mechum is born in Southtinker.

Year 1456: Beeble Brox is born in Crumblesbrook.

Year 1458: Crumblesbrook is attacked by creatures who sprang from somewhere in the network of tunnels carved out in the Seventh Kingdom. The gnomish defenders retaliate valiantly but are ultimately defeated when the scourge seizes control of a series of floodgates and drown all but a few lucky survivors, who retreat as best they are able to Brokenspire Mountain. The young Beeble and his father, Blebrox, are some of the very few to complete this journey safely.

Year 1459: Nelly Tumish Cracklestring is born in Southtinker.

Year 1470: Content Not Found: brunobeardcleaver is born at Hammerstone Keep.

Year 1472: Bristles Diremug is born at Diremug Lookout.

Year 1478: Terrence Loren is born in Suxold.

Year 1482: Rhogan is born in Tinder.

Year 1484: Drummond the Iceman is born in Kalimaar.

Year 1489: One of the Eyes of Kalim is recovered by adventurers who stumble across it by chance near the village of Carm. They return it to the mages of Kalimaar for great reward, and uncover and stop a nefarious coup attempt in the city during their stay.

Year 1490: Pursuing the perpetrators of the coup after they escape, the adventurers enter Carm Forest and stumble upon the Cursestone placed by Kalim nearly 1000 years earlier. Somehow, the group breaks the curse, but only one of names of its semi-members is famous in history: Eggar, a cleric of the Destroyer, who is only remembered for his or her brave sacrifice in the heart of the Cursestone.

Year 1498: Zelligar the Unknown and Rhogan are granted title to land near the village of Tinder and begin construction of their fortress on a mountain peak.

Year 1499: Esfuerron the Red attacks the intruders in “his” territory but is handily defeated by the powerful mage and his companion. He retreats to his lair in the Vas Foothills to nurse his wounds and hold his grudge.

Year 1500: End of the Ninth Kingdom.

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Ninth Kingdom

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