Ninth Kingdom Dwarven History

“The Ninth Kingdom saw doom of Clan Axesmasher. The friendship between the gnomes of Crumblesbrook and the dwarves grew extraordinarily. It also marks the era in which three members of Tinder’s Champions native to the Brokenspire Mountains were born.”
-Yurin Mabir

1297: Clan Axesmasher has built up enough numbers to officially be considered a clan once again. Dwarves from Clan Hammerstone are dispatched to Axesmasher Stronghold to help them rebuild, and, above all, keep an eye on them.

1304: Prince Roth rises to the rank of General.

1312: Things appear to be under control with Clan Axesmasher, but appearances are deceiving. Pelptin’s Warriors murder the Hammerstones monitoring them and rise up against Clan Hammerstone – this time, with giants, goblinoids, orkoids, and undead on their side. Clan Hammerstone suffers heavy losses, including the loss of King Anghred III and Queen Wergal. Prince Roth becomes King Roth Beardcleaver. The minor clans come to their aid, but prove to be simply not enough, so they send for aid from Crumblesbrook. An army of gnomish wizards, fighters, and clerics of Lollerspam come to aid and squash the invaders.

1333: The altercation comes to an end and is known as Dwarf War the Third. It cements a solid, friendly relationship between the dwarves and gnomes. Clan Axesmasher is allowed to rebuild, but this time under the watchful eye of dwarves and gnomes.

1335: King Roth marries Queen Fara. Prince Durble II is born.

1346: Clan Axesmasher attempts to rebel against the dwarves and gnomes monitoring them. Clan Axesmasher ceases to exist.

1358: The Dwarven History Guild, now quite large, moves out of Hammerstone Keep and makes the remains of Axesmasher Stronghold its main base of operations. It is renamed the Dwarven History Citadel.

1391: Prince Durble II joins the Hammerstone Army.

1397: Prince Durble II masters the Beardcleaver maneuver.

1400: Prince Durble II marries Princess Morki. Prince Thargard II is born.

1413: King Roth dies. Cause of death: choking on a tankard while participating in a drinking contest with Queen Fara and her brother. Prince Durble II becomes King Durble Beardcleaver II. Queen Fara dies a few weeks later; cause of death: choking on thirty-seven ham hocks during an eating contest with her father.

1445: Prince Thargard II joins the Hammerstone Army.

1451: Prince Thargard II masters the Beardcleaver maneuver.

1458: Creatures appear in the tunnels connecting to Crumblesbrook and attack the town. Hammerstone Army aids gnomes fleeing through the tunnels and the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves collapse the tunnels after the invaders release the floodgates. King Durble II and Queen Morki perish in the tunnels while aiding a young gnome who was being attacked by the creatures. Prince Thargard II becomes King Thargard Beardcleaver II. The gnome’s father, Blebrox, funds an extravagant feast in honor of the brave King Durble II and Queen Morki and the two go to live with Clan Diremug for some years. Any gnomes remaining in the Brokenspire Mountains are granted rights to mostly-unrestricted mining (with the exception of mithril) in any of the dwarf territories.

1470: King Thargard II marries Queen Darla. Prince Brüno is born.

1472: Bristles Diremug of Clan Diremug is born at Diremug Lookout.

1477: A dwarf calling himself Captain James Plum Puddin, Sr. contracts the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves to construct for him a giant granite ship. The guild members scratch their heads in slight confusion, but proceed with the project to the captain’s specifications.

1478: Construction on the good Captain’s boat is completed. He pays the Guild twice what they charge him, telling them, “Keep the change! Ha-HA!” He christens the boat S.S. Thunderkiller and sets sail with his crew on its maiden voyage.

1488: Word is received that the S.S. Thunderkiller was spotted sailing near Tuma through the desert. Well, not sailing so much as being pulled by an army of dwarves. It is also said that the good Captain picked up a party of adventurers, and the human druid of the party was talented enough to master the art of dwarven soup-crafting.

1492: Word is received that Captain James Plum Puddin, Sr. finally reached water and that his ship sunk a little distance from the coast of western Vanil, not far from Tuma. There are no survivors. The Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves is a bit perplexed as to how such a wonderfully crafted ship could sink, but then they realize that, since so few dwarves are sailors, the Captain must’ve had planned his journey out so completely that he forgot to actually learn how to sail a ship.

1498: A group of builders from the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves are contracted to aid Zelligar the Unknown and Rhogan to build their new fortress. A contingent of five dwarves, the Orcbusters, are sent as an envoy.

1499: A message is received at Hammerstone Keep that tells of an attack by Esfuerron the Red. The dwarves have a laugh, knowing that King Anghred I is somehow responsible.

1500: Yurin Mabir is elected Guildmaster of the Dwarven History Guild, Brokenspire Chapter.

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Ninth Kingdom Dwarven History

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