Ninth Kingdom Riichna History

This treachery shall not go unanswered. The treasonous pacim will be brought to final justice for their egregious misstep. Let us not rest until each one of the traitors, their foul creations, and all who would aid them rot.
-Haragol Docylaj, High Enforcer of Derma Juchad

1303: The on-and-off war between Thigain and Thea flares up during an unexpected naval encounter between the two races to the south of Thigain, in which the Theans seemed to once again backdoor an assault on the riichna homeland. The riichnas are victorious and the destruction of the convoy dumps countless undead servitors into the ocean depths.

1309: Zilaan attains the rank of vinchna.

1311: Komucal moves to Simoom and establishes a leyseer academy there.

1333: Trade relations are first established between Barchil and Northtinker, with Northreach as a middleman. Zilaan and his triumvirate are given the responsibility of overseeing the trade route.

1356: Bemjachharagol Laceval dies. Borinal is unanimously chosen to fill the position.

1375: Zilaan requests a transfer to overseeing caravans bound for Clensa. The request is granted and Lauchor is sent to Northreach to serve as trade liason there in his stead.

1388: Fighting breaks out between Thea and Thigain again as the Theans mount another attack on the riichna homeland. After this assaunt, Thigainad riichnas are no longer able to commit a measurable amount of resources to pressing an attack on Thea, nor to assisting the Vanil settlements. This leads to political backlash over the next decade in the settlements of Barchil and Uckala as they clamor for something resembling true independence. These demands are quickly quashed.

1406: Zilaan hires on non-riichnas to his caravans for the first time. He is initially chastised upon returning to Barchil but the Assembly is forced to retract the condemnation after it is evident integrating other races into the caravans makes the riichna merchants more approachable by the average citizen of Clensa.

1428: The riichnas of Derma Juchad are attacked, for the first time in centuries, by silver riichnas who have brought along some strange creatures from the Darklands. The attack is repelled, though not without loss. The creatures’ bodies are unable to be collected, for they disintegrate upon death. Word is sent to Jevyma of what has transpired.

1430: Retaliation rights are granted to the Vanilli riichnas against the silvers; the riichnas of Thigain are, unfortunately, unable to lend assistance due to the conflict with Thea.

1431: A second assault on Derma Juchad occurs, and is again repelled. Some of the darchnaim are captured alive and sent to Thyde for research. During transit, however, some of them manage to escape. They are pursued southward but their trails are lost in the Green Reaches.

1433: A third and final attack is made on Derma Juchad, this one without the impetus of silver riichnas; instead consisting of free-willed darchnaim striking north from the Green Reaches. It is easily repelled, however.

1457: A task force of 300 riichnas is dispatched from Thyde to the Darklands.

1458: Zilaan attains the rank of jachparceim or merchantmaster.

1479: Rumors of silver riichnas selling charmed and bound darchnaim to wealthy clients arise in Simoom and Portsport. Riichnas are unable to mount serious investigation regarding their veracity due to the sovereignty of the cities.

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Ninth Kingdom Riichna History

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