In the year of 1498, Zelligar the Unknown and Rhogan the Fearless were granted land near the town of Tinder. They began work on the area with the aid of dwarven mercenaries and a band of adventurers, including Zelligar’s own apprentice. When the group moved into the area, they were greeted by a red dragon, but quickly showed it who was boss.

Construction was quickly finished and it was discovered that there were vast caves beneath. Zelligar, being an avid historian and lover of adventure, took his group beneath in the autumn of 1515. The party met its doom about a year later. The only known survivor at the time was Terrence Loren, who went on to become mentor and teacher to Beeble Brox, whose father ventured into the depths and never returned. Despite the party’s demise, fragments of a journal kept by Zelligar have been retrieved and pieced together, proving to be a great aid to Tinder’s Champions.

With no one in the mountains to keep the red dragon in line, he began harassing Tinder once again in 1519.

Having cleared out most of Qasqueston, Tinder’s Champions ventured into the depths beneath it. In the autumn of the year 1534, Tinder’s Champions found Rhogan beneath Qasqueston, seemingly possessed, and were able to subdue him. They brought him back to Tinder where he was nursed back to health.

In the spring of 1536, after wintering in Portsport, Tinder’s Champions returned to Tinder and discovered that Rhogan was back to full capacity and had regained Qasqueston. By way of thanks, he now allows them to live in the keep. They pay for their accommodations by clearing out the evil underneath Qasqueston.

Recently, an earthquake shook the area around Qasqueston and was felt in Tinder. Shortly after the earthquake, a servant saw Tinder’s Champions teleport back into the keep. When the servant asked them about it, they chuckled nervously and shuffled away without answering.

Areas of Note in the Keep
* Beeble’s Shop
* A teleport focus built by Zelligar; now used by Tinder’s Champions

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