Seventh Kingdom Dwarven History

“The Seventh Kingdom marks the formation of why I have a job: the Dwarven History Guild.”
-Yurin Mabir

619: King Tavern dies. Prince Anghred postpones his coronation until he is finished with his military training and Steward Stewart is put in charge.

621: The Dwarven History Guild is founded.

622: Prince Anghred finishes his basic military training and becomes King Anghred. He continues his military studies when not performing kingly duties.

631: Rumors of a few red dragons in the area surface; nobody can confirm nor deny them, though. Word is that they are deep in the Brokenspire Mountains.

634: King Anghred, while on a diplomatic mission to Kalimaar, is ambushed by a pack of ghouls. The pack grows as his entourage is devoured and becomes undead. He manages to defeat them all, wearing naught but his dwarf-pelt (the ghouls ripped off his armor – that’s ‘is story; it has nothin’ t’ do with that pretty dwarf-lass in ‘is tent!) and armed with a maul. After word spreads to the dwarves (after all, that pretty dwarf-lass survived, too!), King Anghred becomes known as King Anghred “Battlehammer” Hammerstone, Bane of Undeath. King Anghred marries Queen Dwela and Prince Braun is born a few days later.

650: Bored with the peace that is gracing Brokenspire Mountain, King Anghred and a party of adventurers seek out one of the dragons they’ve heard about.

651: King Anghred and the remains of his party come rushing back to Hammerstone Keep, exclaiming, “They’re coming! They’re coming! Prepare for battle!” The dwarves have no idea as to what’s happening, but they heed their king’s word nonetheless. Three red dragons and a band of evil dwarves come crashing in shortly after. The dragons destroy the majority of Hammerstone Keep and the dwarves manage to kill one of them, but the other two get away. Most of the evil dwarves are able to retreat to where ever they came from. The catastrophe came to be known as “Anghred’s Big Mistake.” After this, King Anghred vows to never do such a thing again, and the dwarves will never again come to harm until his reign. The dwarves are reluctant to trust him, but eventually do as he leads them into one of the most prosperous periods that Clan Hammerstone has ever experienced. The Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves team up with with the Dwarven History Guild and leaders of the Hammerstone Army to figure out where the evil dwarves came from, who they are, and why they are evil.

679: Prince Braun enters the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves. There is some controversy surrounding the matter, as the dwarves are concerned that their future king will have little-to-no military training, but when they see his expert armor and weapon crafting and his strategic and tactical skills, they have no doubt that he will be an excellent king.

680: Prince Braun develops a combat maneuver that, if used against evil dwarves, will humiliate them and shame them from the gods. He calls it the “Beardcleaver.” It involves chopping the enemy directly on top of the head and continuing to cleave downward until the enemy’s beard has been completely cloven in twain. He teaches this move to a small group of soldiers, as the axes required for performing such a feat must be incredibly strong and incredibly sharp. The troops take to calling him “the Beardcleaver,” a name that he doesn’t really appreciate.

685: Evil dwarves invade Hammerstone Keep. The Beardcleaver maneuver is utilized, quickly taking out the invaders, and rounds upon rounds of drinks are bought for Prince Braun. King Anghred renames his son Prince Braun Beardcleaver. The clan name remains as Hammerstone, but King Anghred encourages Prince Braun to embrace his new name.

700: Prince Braun Beardcleaver marries Princess Kilral.

702: Prince Thargard is born is born to Prince Braun and Princess Kilral.

712: No real advancement in the study of the origins of the evil dwarves. The parties working together send emissaries to Sejlahusk to see if they’d had any similar problems.

719: Hammerstone emissaries return from Sejlahusk. The Selja report that they, too, have had incidents with evil dwarves, but don’t know where they came from or why they are evil. They had come to the conclusion that the evil dwarves are in service to Pelptin.

741: Pywig Glewag contacts the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves about building a tunnel to connect Crumblesbrook and Brokenspire Mountain. Contracts are drawn up and a crew of ten builderdwarves is dispatched to begin construction.

747: Prince Thargard joins the Hammerstone Army.

754: Prince Thargard masters the Beardcleaver maneuver.

760: Prince Thargard reaches the rank of General.

772: Prince Thargard marries Princess Hartek.

774: Prince Bofras is born to Prince Thargard and Princess Hartek.

786: Queen Dwela dies of old age.

790: Scattered skirmishes with evil dwarves increase in frequency. Research is done on the bodies and the Guilds and Army discover many clerics and cleric/fighters of Pelptin.

819: Prince Bofras joins the Dwarven History Guild.

831: King Anghred dies of old age. He is recorded as the longest-reigning dwarf-king in dwarven history, reigning for 209 years and being 263 years at death. Despite his earlier slip-ups, he is remembered as a “pretty good” king. Prince Braun becomes King Braun Beardcleaver, and is the oldest prince to become king in dwarven history.

841: Construction on the tunnel connecting Crumblesbrook and Hammerstone Keep is completed. All of the major settlements on or near the mountain range are now connected.

843: Queen Kilral dies of old age.

845: King Braun dies of old age. General Prince Thargard becomes King Thargard Beardcleaver.

849: Prince Bofras is elected Assistant Guildmaster of the Dwarven History Guild.

850: Prince Bofras marries Princess Valgal. Prince Skargard II is born.

853: King Thargard Beardcleaver and Queen Hartek die of old age. Prince Bofras Beardcleaver becomes King Bofras Beardcleaver. Despite his studies and involvement with the Guild, he surprises every dwarf when he shows that he has, indeed, mastered the Beardcleaver maneuver. He resigns as Assistant Guildmaster, but still continues to be involved with the Guild when not engaged in kingly duties.

855: Queen Hartek dies, marking the first time in Hammerstone history that a queen outlived the king.

860: King Bofras grants a charter of land north of Hammerstone Keep to General Harl Goldenaxebronzebeard, an exceptional warrior in the Hammerstone Army. Clan Goldenaxebronzebeard is formed.

863: King Bofras receives word that the evil dwarves, calling themselves Pelptin’s Warriors, are massing an army. He orders intense training for the dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain and sends words to Sejlahusk and Gruffinshome.

864: Sejlahusk and Gruffinshome respond to King Bofras by sending them 200 barrels of alcohol and a contingent of five warriors each. King Bofras prepares for Pelptin’s Warriors to attack.

880: After waiting nearly two decades, Pelptin’s Warriors still do not attack. Some dwarves say it is because they are cowards, others say that they never existed; it was just a rumor to get themselves into a frenzy. However, they do not let their guard down.

895: Prince Skargard II joins the Hammerstone Army.

899: Pelptin’s Warriors make their first attacks on some of the lesser clans surrounding Hammerstone Keep. They are quickly repelled, however. The Guilds and Army figure that these attacks were done so Pelptin’s Warriors could get a feel for what they’d be up against; heads cloven from top-to-beard of fallen Pelptin’s Warriors are mounted outside of clan settlements as a warning.

902: Prince Skargard II masters the Beardcleaver maneuver. King Bofras receives word that Pelptin’s Warriors are now part of a clan calling itself Clan Axesmasher.

904: King Bofras, working with the Guilds and Army, develops a method for dwarves to mass-produce armor and weapons without sacrificing quality. In an act of goodwill, he sends craftsdwarves to Sejlahusk and Gruffinshome to teach them these methods.

910: A band of approximately 25 trolls attempt a raid on one of the mithril mines of Brokenspire Mountain, but are eliminated fairly quickly.

911: Two contingents of five dwarven warriors each, the Bouldershoulders and the Trollsbanes, are sent to join the Simoom War on the side of the Vanilli. This builds strong, friendly ties between the dwarves, riichnas, and Simoomese.

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Seventh Kingdom Dwarven History

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