Seventh Kingdom Gnomish History

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“Ah, yes. The Seventh Kingdom. Here was where the gnomes started making a significant impact in the Portsport District and the Brokenspire Mountains. Read on, reader, to discover the details!”
-High Chronicler Quagle Nibblebits


648: Pywig Glewag is born in Southtinker.

720: Pywig Glewag and his band of companions, the Gnoble Gnomes, are chased out of Southtinker after a failed scam. They head towards Portsport.

725: The Gnoble Gnomes arrive in Portsport and quickly begin amassing wealth through busking, scamming, and pranking.

735: The Gnoble Gnomes head to Gerbod after hearing of a small gnomish population there. The gnomes there tell them of a failing gnomish settlement to the northwest called Crumblesbrook. The Gnoble Gnomes head there and find that the gnomes there had started building a settlement in 576, but then spent the rest of their wealth on drinking glasses that would allow one to successfully drink from while hanging upside down. Pywig Glewag declared himself High Fiddler and used his wealth to continue building the settlement.

Seventh Kingdom Gnomish History

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