Seventh Kingdom Riichna History

“I must admit, you humans acquit yourselves admirably enough on the field of battle. You have learned a fair amount in the time since we last clashed. It brings me only slight joy to do this duty.”

“And you riichnas, despite your years of claimed experience, have learned nothing at all.”

-High Enforcer Alekbeor of Thyde and Pai-Gel-Bon, Thean general, at the latter’s public execution in Simoom

628: Borinal completes his introductory schooling and forms his first triumvirate.

643: Estrage is taken on as Komucal’s student and begins to learn the art of the leyseer.

661: The Assembly of Barchil grants Northreach permission to use their port as a a stopover on their journeys to the south. The increased merchant traffic quickly increases Barchil’s wealth and prestige.

687: Estrage becomes the first human to full mastery over one branch of riichna magic: alam. He is granted the right under riichna tradition, having attained this level of skill, to take on his own students, and establishes in Gerbod the first human-headed leyseer academy. He and Komucal remain good friends until the former’s death in 698.

691: Norfolth completes his final training and attains the rank of haragol.

710: Borinal and his triumvirate are sent by his superiors to Thea to scout the Thean capital of Ort-Sad-Arl and to collect any information that could be used against Thea. They are the only three dispatched on this mission.

725: Borinal and his triumvirate return alive and well to Jevyma and relate what they have learned. They inform their superiors that Thean leadership is worrying that the Thean colony of Simoom is fostering rebellion.

727: Borinal is sent to Vanil to inform the Assembly at Thyde of Thea’s misgivings, and to secretly support the Simoomese should they come to full rebellion.

732: Borinal returns to Thigain with Norfolth, to request creating a second outpost between Kalimaar and Simoom to better gauge northern Vanilli positions on the Thean presence in the south.

741: Norfolth returns to Vanil with the Grand Assembly’s approval, and sets about gathering colonists in Thyde.

806: Uckala is founded south of Kalimaar by Norfolth. Ostensibly it is to serve as a stopover location for traveling between Thyde and Barchil, but Norfolth’s true mission is to monitor the frictions between Kalimaar and Simoom and to report on any situations that may prove strategically promising.

815: The Great Southern Road links Kalimaar to Uckala, after Norfolth persuades his superiors in Thyde to allow riichnas to assist in its construction.

869: The First Uprising takes place in Simoom. It is quickly quelled, despite riichnas from Derma Juchad skirmishing with Thean forces in an attempt to sap their resources.

872: Zilaan is born in Uckala.

909: The Second Uprising begins in Simoom, and Thyde sends messengers to Jevyma asking if the Vanilli riichnas should engage.

911: Vanilli riichnas fully commit to the war for Simoom’s independence on Simoom’s side after receiving permission from Jevyma. The riichnas fighting side-by-side with the Simoomese and a few dwarves dispatched from Clan Hammerstone grow closer to the two races and for the first time something resembling real integration takes place among the riichnas of Vanil. Nearer to Thigain, riichnas launch harassment attacks to divert some of Thea’s resources from the war in Vanil.

914: As the Simoom War begins drawing to a close in Vanil, the Theans launch a vicious surprise attack upon Thigain, and manage to briefly occupy the city of Jevyma. While there, three of the nine Grand Assembly members-Jeconan, Pandahal, and Kalydkach-are killed as the Grand Assembly building is burned to the ground. The perpetrator, a Thean mochadim named Ian-Ban-Don, is pursued by Red Representative Cizillith and his triumvirate of Ratan and Kenaj. All three are presumed slain as they are led by the mochadim into a Thean ambush; their bodies were unable to be recovered and their whereabouts are unknown.

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Seventh Kingdom Riichna History

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