Sixth Kingdom

The Sixth Kingdom of Vanil is, compared to those immediately preceding it, much less fraught with violence; the only major war is that prosecuted by Simoom (as a satellite of far-off Thea) against the young city of Kalimaar. This is not, of course, to say no minor conflicts took place or violent rhetoric was nonexistent. In fact, the Sixth Kingdom ends with the well-known and much-lamented Schism of the Three.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

507: Beginning of the Sixth Kingdom with the end of the Elvish War of the Fifth Kingdom. Construction on the Cathedral of the Three is begun.

509-526: Portsport’s military engages in a campaign of annexation to the north, only stopping upon reaching the Brokenspire Mountains and thereby carving out the entirety of Portsport District.

511: Riichnas, exploring around Tesska Forest to the north, encounter the Northtinker gnomes for the first time.

514: A Northtinker gnome named Payrisk Voccoda claims to have stumbled upon “common sense” after a conversation with a riichna. Clerics of Lollerspam cast numerous divination spells and are forced to concede Payrisk has a point. As a result, Foresight and Hindsight are incorporated as holidays.

523: Riichnas establish Derma Juchad as a military outpost to keep watch on the Theans of Simoom, who had begun building up their military.

531: Kalim begins work on the Eyes of Kalim. Thean troops, largely comprised of Simoomese Vanilli, assault Derma Juchad but are repelled. A young riichna named Norfolth takes command of riichna forces in battle after their leader is slain, and returns to Thyde to undergo formal leadership training.

532: The Simoom War begins as Thean forces comprised largely of undead seize the Western Imperial Strongpoint and continue north into lands controlled by Kalimaar. In Tuma, worship of Viaz and Vusa begins to be forced from the mainstream as the trio of gods known as Gord, Ajah, and Grat are elevated above the rest.

533: The Eyes of Kalimaar are completed and activated for the first and only time by Kalim, thereby breaking the Siege of Kalimaar. After being used, however, they are scattered.

547: Construction of the Cathedral of the Three is completed in Clensa.

558: The construction of the Great Northern Road is begun, with the intention of linking Clensa with Barchil to the northeast.

568: Riichnas in Thyde come to the conclusion that humans are able to be taught riichna-style magic. A gray named Komucal is chosen to search the human lands to the north for a competent and willing pupil.

570: The village of Gerbod is established on the border of the territories controlled by Kalimaar and Portsport with settlers selected from both regions, as a gesture of mutual goodwill.

573: In Kalimaar, a young human mage named Erik Ostal is taken under the tutelage of Komucal and begins learning the art of the leyseer.

576: Southtinker gnomes begin the settling and construction of Crumblesbrook in the foothills of the Brokenspire Mountains northwest of Gerbod.

~580: Dissent begins to brew within the Church of the Three, as members who share alternate interpretations of the Book of Ia start to gather with one another and parse the text according to their views.

592: Portsport opens trade relations with Simoom and begins emphasizing naval projections of power over terrestrial. As a result, patrols to many of the outlying regions are decreased and many places, especially in the far north of the district, become semi-autonomous.

593: The dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain complete their project to link the city with Grazzet’s Pass through a series of underground tunnels.

602: The Great Northern Road is completed.

605: Erik Ostal’s introductory training is considered complete after he gains mastery of his first leyseer spell. Ostal and Komucal continue to collaborate to streamline the education process, and begin taking on willing human students as a result. Komucal reports his findings to his superiors, who put plans in motion to remove overt Thean influence in Vanil.

614: On the second-to-last day of the year, the first of the Three Canons, Truth Through Destruction, is completed. Members adhering to it disseminate the work as an alternative to the Book of Ia.

615: The Schism of the Three takes place. Church leaders, made aware of the publishing of Truth Through Destruction, allow the followers of alternative canons to establish their own sects, subservient to the father church: The Church of the Creator, Scales of the Preserver, and Church of the Destroyer. End of the Sixth Kingdom.

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Sixth Kingdom

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