Tenth Kingdom

The Tenth Kingdom is the current Kingdom in which Vanil finds itself. In many ways, the Tenth Kingdom is a hearkening back to the tumultuous times of the Fourth and Fifth Kingdoms as many long-vanished threats return to malice the people of Vanil. Fortunately, brave adventurers like Tinder’s Champions are present to stem the tide of evil.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows. Due the recent nature of many of these occurrences, scholars are able to more accurately track when in a given year the event took place.

Year 1501: Beginning of the Tenth Kingdom.

Year 1503: After years of absence, the biannual caravans traveling overland from Clensa to Portsport resume stopping in Tinder.

Year 1507: Tirion is born in Ironoak Crossing, outside of Clensa.

Year 1511: The Bogy Brothers first surface in Portsport as an apparent rival to the local Thieves Guild. Despite the Guild’s highly entrenched nature, the Bogy Brothers are able to not only survive, but thrive.

Year 1512: Mandingo is born in Simoom.

Autumn, Year 1515: Zelligar the Unknown and Rhogan, as well as many adventuring companions including Zelligar’s apprentice Terrence Loren and Blebrox Cornmed, descend into the cavern system beneath Qasqeston to explore its secrets.

Year 1516: Zelligar and Rhogan, as well as most of their companions, are struck down in the Casad Reaches according to the journal later recovered from the depths. One of the few to escape is Terrence, who takes on Blebrox’s son, Beeble Brox, as his apprentice in Tinder. Lena is born in Portsport.

Year 1517: Dred Roberts is born in Portsport.

Year 1519: Esfuerron the Red resumes his raiding in the Tinder area, exacting regular tribute from the caravans traveling in the vicinity in exchange for their (comparative) safety.

Year 1524: Tinder comes under attack for the first time by the Chosen of Casada, who make intermittent attacks henceforth. Near the end of the year, a virulent plague breaks out in Clensa that necessitates the quarantine of the city until the following year.

Spring, Year 1525: A series of attacks on the Church of the Destroyer, spurred on by the Freeseekers, rocks Clensa. The clerics are innocent of the plague but the public wants blood. Many acts of vandalism occur and membership in the Freeseekers swells.

Summer, Year 1525: A trade agreement is reached between Northtinker and, of all places, Barchil regarding the export of a new exotic good. These “Zshu-Zshus” distract the Vanilli public to the south long enough for the plague to pass in its entirety. The merchant responsible for the agreement receives many accolades in his hometown.

Autumn, Year 1525: The head council of the Clensa Fighters Guild is found killed to a man by poison. Ruckus takes momentary control of the guild until a new council can be brought together.

Year 1527: Terrence Loren loses his mind and most of his capacity for independent living. Beeble, despite having completed his apprenticeship, stays on to care for his now demented master.

Spring, Year 1531: The group that would be later known as Tinder’s Champions makes its first foray into the keep near Tinder. Following some deaths and a return to Tinder, Beeble joins the group and is currently its longest-surviving member.

Summer, Year 1531: Upon returning to Qasqeston, the as-yet-nameless group encounters Esfuerron and convinces the proud dragon to spare their puny lives in exchange for all of their material wealth.

Autumn, Year 1531: Tinder’s Champions travel to Portsport and make the acquaintance of Drummond, who sends them to the ruins of Crumblesbrook to collect a sample of the creatures who call the place home. The group overwinters in the city and revels in its apparent wealth. Mandingo joins the group.

Spring, Year 1532: The Crimson Skulls arrive in Tinder for the first time, as do Amelel and his first triumvirate. Tinder’s Champions return as well, having gone through most of their funds.

Autumn, Year 1532: Tinder’s Champions are sarcastically named as such by Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker after they limp back to Tinder from yet another foray into the Casad Reaches. They take the name for themselves with a smile and choose to return to Portsport before winter sets in.

Winter, Year 1533: A great fire breaks out in the poorest sections of Portsport. Tinder’s Champions flee the city and return to Tinder in all haste, as if they may have perhaps had something to do with it. Dred Roberts joins Tinder’s Champions.

Spring, Year 1533: The Clensaba merchant caravan fails to arrive in Tinder; they are suspected to have been destroyed by Esfuerron.

Summer, Year 1533: Tinder’s Champions stumble across the remains of the Clensaba merchants in Vas Forest. They also encounter some pixies and Mettar Elves, who are distressed by the numerous creatures afoot.

Autumn, Year 1533: Tinder’s Champions nearly starve in the wilderness as they go on a wilderness-cleaning spree. They manage to clear out a giant spider nest in Vas Forest, as well as a herd of leucrotta and some mountain orc bandits.

Winter, Year 1534: Tinder’s Champions return to Portsport to engage in hardcore magic item creation, spell research and learning, and other such things with their accumulated treasures, a process which lasts the entire winter, spring, and part of the summer. Mechum and Nelly Tumish Cracklestring join Tinder’s Champions.

Summer, Year 1534: Tinder’s Champions runs afoul of the Bogy Brothers for the first time and come into possession of Zelligar’s Journal. They decide to leave the city shortly thereafter and return to Tinder and follow up on the leads written therein.

Autumn, Year 1534: Tinder’s Champions emerge from the Casad Reaches with a mentally and emotionally scarred, but very much alive, Rhogan. He is given to the care of the small Church of the Three in town, where he is slowly recovering from his ordeals and has proven a deep, if cryptic, source of information about the caverns. Sadly, Nogmaor perishes in this delve; a replacement is granted in Dotaimor.

Winter, Year 1535: Tinder’s Champions staves off a group of bandits that attack the village; however, Crazy Terry and his home is incinerated in a fireball of his own casting. Upon searching the smoldering ruins, Beeble Brox learns of the hidden location of the enchanted hat Terry had lost his mind creating and successfully retrieves it.

Spring, Year 1535: Tinder’s Champions returns to Portsport to ask Drummond to do some snooping and research for them, in the process meeting Lena, who joins the group. They again manage to run afoul of the Bogy Brothers and have the genius idea of putting on a series of street plays to coax the population into evicting the Bogy Brothers once and for all. Unfortunately, they constantly refer to The Brotherhood in this play and flee the city, having now once again not only angered the Bogy Brothers , but also a literally racist organization, when a good four-fifths of the group is non-human. They retreat to Tinder.

Summer, Year 1535: Tinder’s Champions find that a fanatic cult dedicated to Casada is active within the Casad Reaches, and has convinced, through force, guile, or mutual goals, an icikochim to assist them. The adventurers press an attack and slay most of the worshipers and the demon, though the high priest escapes. Sadly, both Torroch and Mandingo die in this attack.

Autumn, Year 1535: Amelel convinces the High Council in Portsport to provide another riichna as support: Cokakar. The group delves deeper than it had ever gone before, encountering a beholder, a quite wary tribe of goblins, and a deep, swift underground river.

Winter, Year 1535: Tinder’s Champions spends the winter in Portsport.

Spring, Year 1536: Tinder’s Champions return to Tinder to find that Rhogan has reclaimed Qasqueston. He provides them with space in the keep to live and work and they return to the depths to purge evil. They battle a wizard and discover another fragment of Zelligar’s Journal. They also once again run into the cult that they had discovered in the summer of 1535 and find that it has rebuilt itself. However, they are able to eliminate the entire group, including the leader that had previously escaped.

Summer, Year 1536: Racial frictions in Portsport come to a head when a clash erupts between the Portsport City Guard and the riichnas guarding the borders of their district in the city. Numerous casualties take place on both sides and the commanding officer, Sergeant Bagget Slaughter, barely escapes with his life. The riichnas triumph in this first battle but are quarantined in the district by the city guard as an emissary from the Ruling Council is dispatched to riichna leaders, demanding the surrender of the instigators so justice can be meted out. Predictably, membership in The Brotherhood swells after news of this incident spreads.

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Tenth Kingdom

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