Tenth Kingdom Riichna History

Matters of note are coming to pass to the south, haragol. I have taken the liberty of dispatching majacelim to examine these matters and consolidate a report on their findings, to determine the best course of action for us in this instance. Haragol Ducoher in the human city of Portsport will be their immediate superior in regard to these matters. I am convinced it will be a quick assignment…this young torim displays much promise.
-Jachcimoim Genkoor of Barchil

Year 1503: Genkoor becomes jachcimoim of Barchil after his predecessor, Monkenth, receives a promotion.

Year 1509: A strike force of one hundred riichnas departs from Thyde and travels to the Darklands, intent on slaying as many silver riichnas as they can. They do not return, nor does any word of them make its way back to Vanil.

Year 1523: Merchantmaster Chataal of Barchil dies. The four jachparceim vie with one another for the open position.

Year 1524: Zilaan encounters a small group of adventurers traveling towards Clensa and, being resourceful, hires them on as temporary mercenaries as he returns to Barchil.

Year 1525: Zilaan successfully negotiates a trade agreement with the gnomes of Northtinker to bring their exotic Zshu-Zshu creations to the south. He brings a good deal of wealth to Barchil and uses this as leverage in his political aspirations.

Year 1531: Genkoor dispatches Amelel and his initial triumvirate of Torroch and Nogmaor from Barchil on an information-gathering mission to the south. A silver riichna triumvirate is spotted in Simoom. One of its members is captured and transported to Derma Juchad for interrogation, but the other two escape.

Year 1532: Amelel and his triumvirate, as well as the group of mojim with which they traveled, report encountering a silver riichna, and a blue, on the outskirts of the city of Suxold; with them was a young darchna. The blue riichna and darchnaim are slain but the silver escapes. Upon submitting a report to Portsport, it is discovered that the two riichnas match the descriptions of the escaped triumvirate members from Simoom.

Year 1534: Nogmaor is killed in pursuit of her duty; her body is unable to be recovered for burial. A replacement member is granted in Dotaimor from Portsport.

Year 1535: Torroch is slain as well; Cokakar is assigned as his replacement.

Year 1536: The riichna quarter in Portsport is violated by guards of that city as they pursued Amelel and his triumvirate to apprehend them on a specious charge. Riichna guards repel the invasion, but their district is quickly surrounded by a superior number of humans and a human emissary is dispatched, demanding that the riichnas responsible for this travesty be turned over. A pair of triumvirates is dispatched, to Barchil and Uckala respectively, to inform leaders in those cities of what has transpired.

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Tenth Kingdom Riichna History

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