Third Kingdom

Vanil’s Third Kingdom is the first in which history can be somewhat accurately pieced together. Though it is the shortest of all Kingdoms, tumult echoed throughout the south of Vanil with the arrival of the riichnas and the subsequent conflict with the elves and the banishment of an entire segment of riichna society.

Listed by year, the major happenings are as follows:

Year 183: Beginning of the Third Kingdom. Riichnas establish Thyde on the south coast of Vanil.

Year 192: Riichnas encounter the Southtinker gnomes for the first time. While most riichnas cannot stand the gnomes’ antics, one group, the silver riichnas, find their interest in mechanical applications of magic fascinating and some choose to reside with them.

Year 210: Silver riichnas and gnomes, together, create the first enchanted items at Southtinker. The gnomes go on to refine the process by not requiring the presence of a silver riichna’s magic.

~Year 250: Scattered worship of the Three Sisters is first recorded in what is now Portsport District.

Year 273: Silver riichnas are evicted from riichna society after a determination is made that they have become “tainted.” The elves of the Green Reaches in the southeast of Vanil take pity on the exiles and welcome them to their lands.

Year 297-299: The Elf War of the Third Kingdom takes place. Instigated by vengeful silver riichnas, a counterattack by the rest of the race inevitably drew in the Reach elves, who were systematically annihilated when they defended their homes. A few silver riichnas escape through commandeering a number of ships and take refuge in the Darklands to the south of Vanil, residing there and plotting their revenge in secret until the Ninth Kingdom. The other elf tribes of Vanil, upon hearing that one branch of their race had been genocided, lash out at riichnas any way they can. This back-and-forth continues even into modern times, thanks to both races’ long lives and the dwarflike ability of riichnas to nurse grudges.

Year 314-317: The beginnings of the city of Tuma are built when wandering Vanilli make a permanent home for themselves on the shores of Lake Tuma. An cave system full of hostile creatures underlaid the area; its inhabitants were slain, driven off, or walled in over the following decades. This system of caves was then forgotten until the Eighth Kingdom, when it proved of great significance. End of the Third Kingdom.

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Third Kingdom

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