Third Kingdom Riichna History

Alam, ver, pel, ilem
Tor, net, vin, e tem
Kol, icik, moj, moch, lem
Riichna ce coler lat e vem
-Riichna Mantra of the Nine

Year 183: Riichnas establish Thyde on the southern coast of Vanil. Using this as a base of operations, exploration parties fan out under the direction of Haragol Filuner, the first leader of Thyde. Other riichna castes fan outward and create satellite settlements largely comprised of one color, though all subservient to Thyde.

Year 184: Riichnas first encounter the Vanilli and, learning from their past encounter with the Theans, approach peacably. The comparatively primitive humans have little to offer the riichnas, so they largely allow them to go about their own affairs, though minor skirmishes do take place when one side or the other grows overzealous.

Year 192: Riichnas encounter gnomes for the first time in the foothills near Southtinker. The short humanoids do not endear themselves to the riichnas after their Pranking of Introduction is taken as a sign of hostility. A short war breaks out between the riichnas and gnomes.

Year 195: The Riichna-Gnome War ends after riichnas are unable to breech Southtinker’s defenses. A silver riichna, Achaac, and his triumvirate is sent to sue for peace. Achaac succeeds at his mission and asks permission to remain at Southinker as a diplomatic envoy.

Year 196: Riichnas encounter the elves of the Green Reaches, marking the first contact of the races. They find they share much in common and many blue and green riichnas build settlements near the elves’ jungle home.

Year 197: The vast majority of silver riichnas relocate to Southtinker and begin research into wizardly and clerical magics, and what similarities, if any, they have to the magic of leyseers.

Year 205: Riichnas, exploring westwards, encounter the dwarves of Gruffinshome for the first time. The dwarves make their desire for isolation evident and the riichnas do not press the matter, finding little appeal in the mountains they call home.

Year 210: The gnomes of Southtinker and the silver riichnas living there successfully create the first magical item: a ring of spell storing containing a single charge of the spell Magic Missile. The ring is given to Achaac as a gesture of solidarity, and he reports his success to Filuner, who then sends word to Jevyma of this occurrence.

Year 214: Filuner returns to Thigain. Reohel is promoted to his former position as leader of Thyde.

Year 245: Bemjachharagol Colior dies. The Grand Assembly in Jevyma sets about selecting a new leader of the race, ruling jointly in the meantime.

Year 251: Lacevar is given the title of bemjachharagol.

Year 268: Word returns to Thyde that the silver riichnas are to immediately cease all contact with the gnomes of Southtinker, and to turn over all the items they created to riichna Enforcers. A jachmajacelim led by Enrich is dispatched to ensure compliance.

Year 269: Achaac tells Enrich he objects to the order. Enrich returns to Thyde and a query is dispatched to Jevyma to determine what course of action should be pursued in light of this disobedience.

Year 273: Bemjachharagol Lacevar issues an edict that the tenth sect, silver riichnas, are to be expunged from riichna society until amends have been made by the entire sect. All silver riichnas are stripped of their rank and position; those still residing on Thigain are imprisoned, as are all silvers who are captured on Vanil. Achaac and others that evade capture flee to the Green Reaches, where they are given asylum by the Reach Elves. Sympathizers of other sects also trickle into the Reach over the next few years, and all adopt Achaac as their leader. They build a city named Nerte Juhad.

Year 289: Achaac and his triumvirate are killed suddenly while traveling through the Reach; it is believed that riichna assassins did the killing. An ambitious and openly vengeful riichna named Zilaac becomes his replacement.

Year 297: Silver riichnas lauch a surprise attack on the numerous blue and green villages nearest the Reaches, killing many. Word reaches Thyde of the assault and Reohel assembles a defensive force led by Enrich, sending word of what transpired back to Thigain.

Year 298: Upon hearing of the Vanilli silvers’ treachery, all silver riichnas on Thigain are executed, and a return message is dispatched to Thyde to exact the same punishment on any silver riichnas and their sympathizers on Vanil. Riichna forces sytematically push deeper and deeper into the Reach. The elves counterattack, are labeled as silver sympathizers, and are treated accordingly.

Year 299: Enrich reaches Nerte Juhad and burns it to the ground. The silver riichnas flee to the southern coast and flee to the Darklands with the few other survivors. Instead of pursuing them, Enrich opts to finish his business with the Reach Elves, a process that continues for the next three decades and results in their utter extermination.

Year 308: Borinal is born in Jevyma.

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Third Kingdom Riichna History

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