Timeline of Dwarven History

The Brokenspire Chapter of the Dwarven History Guild was officially established in 621 by Torgard Hammerstone in an effort to centralize all dwarven record keeping. The combined chapters of the guild have written an all-encompassing Tome of Dwarven History. Each Citadel of the guild houses a copy of said Tome, as well as an abridged copy relevant to each chapter’s location. The Brokenspire Chapter is based at the Dwarven History Citadel, which is the former keep of Clan Axesmasher. Guildmasters and assistant guildmasters of each chapter are determined by democratic election of members of the guild chapter and serve until their death or resignation.

Guildmasters of the Dwarven History Guild, Brokenspire Chapter
621-700: Torgard Hammerstone
700-778: Torgard Hammerstone II
778-902: Garth Diremug
902-1091: Varg Hammerstone
1091-1200: Dyghard Bouldershoulder
1200-1289: Sigrid Werrik
1289-1392: Algor Mabir
1392-1453: Griff Hammerstone
1453-1500: Yurin Mabir

“These here events be the events that are mostly related to the Brokenspire region of Vanil. Anything else would be superfluous for now. For ease of reading, we have separated our history using the eras and years recorded by the Vanilli. Their method, in all honesty, makes more sense than ours, so that’s the method we’re going to use for this.”
-Yurin Mabir, Guildmaster of the Dwarven History Guild of Brokenspire Mountain

First Kingdom Dwarven History: Years ??? – Year 1: The creation of the dwarves

Second Kingdom Dwarven History: Year 1 – Year 182: Earliest dwarven history – Separation of the clans

Third Kingdom Dwarven History: Year 183 – Year 317: Construction begins on Gruffinshome and Sejlahusk – Dwarves stay out of the Elf War of the Third Kingdom

Fourth Kingdom Dwarven History: Year 318 – 445: Construction of Sejlahusk and Gruffinshome complete – Prince Skargard I born

Fifth Kingdom Dwarven History: 446 – 506: Hammerstone Army established – End of Elvish War of the Fifth Kingdom

Sixth Kingdom Dwarven History: 507 – 615: Portsport’s northern expansion – Prince Anghred joins Hammerstone Army

Seventh Kingdom Dwarven History: 616 – 915: Prince Anghred postpones his coronation – Simoom War

Eighth Kingdom Dwarven History: 916 – 1293: Clan Bouldershoulder and Clan Trollsbane founded – A period of peace under King Anghred III

Ninth Kingdom Dwarven History: 1294 – 1500: Clan Axesmasher rebuilds itself – Yurin Mabir is elected Guildmaster

Tenth Kingdom Dwarven History: 1501 – present

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Timeline of Dwarven History

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