A triumvirate, or majacelim in the riichna language, is the smallest cohesive unit dispatched to foreign lands, which are defined as anywhere not directly under the control of a riichna recak, and is also the smallest military unit in wartime. Triumvirates consist of a group of three riichnas, one of whom is clearly higher-ranking than the other two. When deployed for war, triumvirates are fused into groups of ten (three triumvirates headed up by a single riichna to oversee them) called jachmajacelim; larger consolidations of riichnas are always created by fusing three of the next-lowest and this is the basis of the entire riichna military.

The riichnas in a triumvirate nearly always fill one of three tactical roles: melee interference, supporting magic, and ranged attack. For this reason, the members of a triumvirate are often Fighter/Leyseer/Monk, Fighter/Leyseer/Thief, or Monk/Leyseer/Thief, though of course multiclass combinations of the above can also fill a required role. In addition, the sects to which each individual belongs is of importance when creating the unit. They are always mutually supportive and never contain members from “opposite” sects (such as a black riichna teamed with a white); furthermore, sects with somewhat “overlapping” magical roles (such as red and yellow, blue and green, white and purple, and gray and black) are paired off less frequently.

Riichnas placed into a triumvirate serve as such until dissolved by an order given by a higher-ranking individual. The members of a triumvirate usually develop a deep spirit of cameraderie and to come to see to one another as ajetim, the closest approximation in the riichna language for the concept of “friend.” Members of a triumvirate often rise in rank together and, in most cases, a bit of flexibility is given in accomodating the other two members of a group should one of them make an unexpected “jump” in position, to avoid breaking the three riichnas up.

The triumvirate of riichnas within Tinder’s Champions is currently headed up by the green riichna Amelel (who fulfills the ranged attack role) and supported by the purple Dotaimor (supporting magic) and finally the blue Cokakar (who serves as melee interference).


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