Wizards Guild

The Wizards Guild is a continent-spanning organization responsible in large part for the creation and management of magic items, as well as serving as an institution where prospective apprentices can apply for training in the wizardly arts. Every major city in Vanil has a Wizards Guild, though the organization is strongest in Kalimaar. Being a member of the Guild is not a requirement for wizards; many powerful and talented wizards such as Drummond or Zelligar the Unknown are not members and are allowed to pursue their own affairs, so long as they do not interfere extensively with the Guild’s own goals. However, the camaraderie and resources provided by the Guild are incredibly tempting to any fledgling mage.

All would-be customers or applicants are first vetted by Rufus, an elderly, Sudoku- and crossword-loving gentleman found on the steps leading into the impressive building. One of its most powerful members, he is fond of using mind-influencing magic such as Charm Person or Suggestion to dissuade undesirable individuals from entering. A test of the individual’s talents in the wizardly arts is also a requirement of membership, though one’s skill at magic does not make a determination of one’s rank within the Guild. Rather, one increases one’s standing at the guild through the research, creation, and “attainment” of new spells and magic items (or monetary donations put to such ends), and furthering the Guild’s political goals when it feels a need to dabble in more “mundane” affairs. While the vast majority of the Guild’s membership is human, gnomish and half-elf mages are frequently members, as are the few elves that choose to associate with humans to such a degree. Relatively few multiclass wizards are allowed as members; thief-wizards are mistrusted because they run the risk of turning the Guild’s secrets over to the Thieves Guild, while fighter-wizards are looked down upon as “dumb muscle” who lack the dedication of single-classed mages. Cleric-wizards, while rare, are more accepted, so long as the individual’s religious obligations do not interfere with Guild membership. It is no surprise that there exists a professional rivalry between the Wizards Guild and Thieves and Fighters Guild. In addition, human leyseers and the academies that teach them are frequently derided as uncouth imitators of “true” magic.

A variety of low-level magic items, potions, and spell scrolls can be purchased from the Guild headquarters by anyone with the funds to afford them, though only members in good standing are granted access to more powerful equipment and items. All non-members are forbidden from moving beyond the entrance foyer where business transactions take place, and members are denied entry to various parts of the building based on their rank within the guild. Members are also allowed access to the Guild’s extensive libraries for mundane and spell research, and item creation, though a suitable fee must be paid for the privilege based on the individual’s rank within the Guild hierarchy. Each Guild has a simple, easily-recollected teleportation chamber that can be used as a “safety net” when using Teleport spells. Nonmembers who teleport with the mage in question are charged a steep fee when arriving with a wizard in one of these chambers, and the chambers themselves are heavily warded with divination and scrying magics to minimize the risk of hostile forces appearing within the Guild’s walls.

Stealing from the Guild is monumentally ill-advised; in addition to the physical presence of dozens of magic-users of varying levels within the building’s walls, there are also numerous magic traps guarding the Guild’s vaults, and furthermore the presence of assorted constructs unfailingly loyal to their creators. Intruders are either killed outright or, worse, Geased or magically compelled to reveal why they are present so the Guild can exact appropriate retribution.

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Wizards Guild

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