Once there were three God-Sisters who ruled over Earth, Sea, and Sky. They dominated the hearts and minds of their followers and basked in the worship of their servitors. Then word of The Three began to spread and the God-Sisters were toppled and became pale shadows of what they once were as people turned to the worship of this new trinity. And one of them was filled with wrath and grew vengeful and sought to regain by force what she could not have through free will….

This campaign began in the summer of 2007, initially as a one-off continuation of adventuring in the world of Gymalle after the previous party was killed while adventuring. This new group adventured and grew in strength and eventually uncovered the Dark Secret beneath the lonely castle in the foothills of the Brokenspire Mountains.

These are their stories and the history of the world as they uncover it.

Tinder's Champions

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