Ice Wizard of Portsport


Drummond was at one point a member of a successful adventuring group who chose to retire in Portsport. Throughout his wizarding career, he had focused heavily on spells of cold and preservation, and had always had a keen interest in anatomy and biology. He became an advisor at the Portsport Wizards Guild (though he did not become a full-fledged member) on matters of dissection, animal lore, and monster lore. He used the money earned from this work, as well as saved funds, to start his business.

Drummond is renowned as the operator of the only full-body preservation service on the planet. With specially-enchanted coffins meant to prevent the decay of bodies, Drummond sells his services to anyone who might need a well-preserved corpse; his biggest clients are the Wizards Guild and Church of the Destroyer. Drummond is known to post employment opportunities for adventurers: namely, finding a specific type of creature, killing it in a manner that leaves the body mostly intact, and then returning it to him in one of his cold-coffins. Pay varies based on the difficulty and rarity of the target creature and the quality of the corpse returned.

Drummond’s coffins are not for sale, and the method by which he enchants them is kept secret. For the rare occasions adventurers try to make off with one of his coffins, Drummond has each inscribed with a special, invisible sigil that allows him to locate them without fail via divination spells. Drummond will then either hire a stronger group of adventurers to retrieve his property or will fetch it himself and punish the transgressors via Geas to perform a task of some sort for him. Should the adventurers manage to somehow uncover and remove the sigil, the preservative enchantment on the coffins must be renewed every three months anyhow, rendering them mundane if this upkeep is not performed.

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