Agars Vermous

A drunk wizard who really just wants to blow things up while living comfortably with a loving family.


Missing the current character sheet, brb

low STR, good INT

Mainly uses a knife, dislikes attacking from a distance despite the low survival rate attached to Wizards.

Spells are a grab bag, since he’s usually drunk when he’s working on the spellbook.


Was raised in the plains of Simoom, where he was the intelligent son of a farmer. Raiders struck the town he lived in, and tried to help a group of wizards fend off the attackers. The raiders had magic of their own, destroying the defenders and innocents alike, and scarring Agars mentally as he watched his town burn.

He was easily captured and forced to work in a slave mines around Portsport, where he made a plan to escape and free himself with as many slaves as possible. It was planned at a convenient time, as a band of elven druids and rangers attacked the mine at the same time. After the escape, Agars fell in love with one of his saviors, an elf ranger called Nameless.

He traveled with her until he met Tinder’s Champions, and they joined forces. Sadly, Nameless fell to a spell cast by a riichna, and he carries a part of her in hopes to bring her back to him. Without her presence, he has sunk into drinking to wash away the horrors of his hometown and Nameless being cut down in front of him.

Now retired, being way too sober all the time and realizing that doing spell duty at the local Wizard’s Guild was much safer.

Agars Vermous

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