Doctor Nidalia Qinto

"If it is one thing that gnomes are capable of teaching, it is that we are all machines, built to operate in different ways."


Doctor Nidalia Qinto was a foremost physician and dabbling mage residing in Suxold. Born in the same city, she studied the wizardly arts in Kalimaar before traveling to Southtinker and training in the arts of animancy and healing with the gnomes residing there.

She returned to Suxold and set up a medical practice, diagnosing aches and pains and providing prosthetics to those wealthy enough to afford them. As her wealth and prestige rose, she found she had a chance to pursue her studies of anatomy and mechanics and before long entered into a business relation with Drummond the Iceman of Portsport for an exotic assortment of cadavers to dissect and study. She had an abiding interest in the anatomies of “hybrid” creatures like owlbears, griffins, and so forth.

As time passed and her skill grew, she found Drummond unable to keep up with her demand and she turned to an unlikely alternative source for strange creatures-a strange traveling riichna named Kagazaj, who was able to procure for her, among live examples of the creatures she dissected when dead, creatures she had never before seen. She turned more and more to vivisection in her studies and, in 1530, did away with Drummond’s services entirely.

In 1531 it was discovered she was interested in a book titled The Keeper of the Gates, penned by Zelligar the Unknown and had one of the three original copies procured for her by a pair of doppelgangers. She was unable to get her hands on the book through the intervention of a group of adventurers, however, and it is unknown for what reason she desired the book. She continued her practice until 1532, when she was spotted at an exchange of goods with her riichna patron at an abandoned windmill outside Suxold by Tinder’s Champions. She eluded capture for a short while but was ultimately tracked to her laboratory and slain by Amelel and his triumvirate.

Doctor Nidalia Qinto

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