Rhogan is the current patron of Qasqueston.

He was the companion and bodyguard of the powerful wizard Zelligar the Unknown. Before construction began on Qasqueston, they drove back Esfuerron the Red and kept the dragon from harassing the nearby Tinder, earning their support.

After the keep of Qasqueston was completed, Rhogan the Fearless, Zelligar the Unknown, a band of dwarven mercenaries, and a small party that included Terrence Loren and Blebrox Cornmed delved into the vast caverns beneath the keep.

One year later, Terrence returned to Tinder and saying little about the foray except that the party had fallen. He took on Blebrox’s son, Beeble, as his apprentice.

Several years after that, Tinder’s Champions found Rhogan in a secure cloister, though he seemed to be possessed by something. However, the group managed to subdue him and brought him back to the Church of the Three in Tinder, where he was nursed back to health. He was deemed fit in the winter of 1535 and regained Qasqueston. As a thanks to Tinder’s Champions, he allows the group to live at the keep so long as they continue to purge the depths of the evil that still lurks.

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