The Crimson Skulls

The Crimson Skulls (also known as the Bloody Company) are an adventuring group currently roaming around in Portsport District. They have membership from various races and cultures around Vanil, but are well-known for being ardently anti-magic; it is rumored that the members are themselves part of the Freeseekers and comprise a particularly militant wing of that organization.

Despite a lack of the magically-inclined in the party, the Crimson Skulls have managed to succeed and thrive where many adventuring groups falter or die out (figuratively and literally). Those who have gone up against the group in battle speak of the high group cohesion and subsequent prowess on the battlefield.

Currently, they have been hired as a mercenary protection force for the village of Tinder, where they take their job most seriously. Prior to this, they were competitors to Tinder’s Champions and appear to have absconded with a good portion of treasure from the dungeons.

The current members of the Crimson Skulls are:

Basset Randview

Benka Sartatter

Garbledsnatch Facadebreaker

Jonhn Arestaniss

Manuel Manos

Rose Draaness

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The Crimson Skulls

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