Timeline of Vanilli History

The Vanilli are a specific race of humans on Gymalle native to the continent of Vanil. The exact location of their origin on the continent is unknown, as is whether or not Vanilli are the “progenitors” of the human race or if they traveled to Vanil from elsewhere on the planet (or, indeed, the multiverse). While Vanilli vary in physical appearance (ranging from the pale-skinned residents at the extreme north of the continent to the dark-colored people who call the southern jungles home) and have had different religious beliefs through the years, they all share the same language (with the exception of Tuma, which developed a language all its own but which is still somewhat comprehensible by speakers of Vanilli).

The Vanilli are nevertheless divided into a variety of distinct societies based on geopolitical location, named after the center of power in the nearby region. There exist seven, here ordered based on rough north-to-south location: Northers, Tumish, Clensaba, Portsporters, Kalimaa, Simoomish, and Southers. Of these groups, only the Tumish and Southers do not have at least one city in their dominion; the former live a nomadic tribal existence after their capital city was razed while the latter maintain a hunter/gatherer lifestyle in near-isolation from the rest of Vanil.

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