According to the incredibly-detailed gnomish historical texts, a penniless-but-charismatic gnome in Southtinker, Pywig Glewag, heard rumors about the Northtinker gnomes making piles of coins by trading to the north. Since he had nothing left to lose (and he wanted to one-up the Northtinkers), he rounded up a band of his buddies sometime around 720 and headed towards Portsport.

Around 735, Pywig and his group had amassed quite a horde made from busking, scamming, and pranking. After buying and inventing a bunch of items of questionable worth, they found that they still had quite a bit of money. They headed toward Brokenspire Mountain and found a small gnomish village north of Gerbod called Crumblesbrook. The gnomes said that the village had been around since 576, but that they couldn’t build upon it anymore because they had spent all of their wealth inventing bottles that could be drunk from while hanging upside-down. Pywig took note of this and declared himself The High Fiddler and used his wealth to resume building up Crumblesbrook.

In 741, construction of Crumblesbrook was declared complete and more Southtinker gnomes began moving in. Seeing a valuable business opportunity, Pywig negotiated with the dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain to build tunnels connecting the gnomish city with the dwarven communities through Diremug Lookout. The dwarves consented and a crew of ten dwarves from the Guild of Craftsdwarves and Builderdwarves was dispatched to aid in the construction.

In 743, the gnomish wizard Pebble Snoutface established a modestly-sized branch of the Wizards Guild in Crumblesbrook. Shortly after, Hobble the Holy founded the Crumblesbrook Shrine of Lollerspam.

By 841, the network of subterranean tunnels was completed, linking the entire mountain range.

Crumblesbrook grew in population, prosperity, and reputation. Tourists came from far and wide to witness the unique gnomish architecture of the city, despite its relatively small size.

In 1312, Crumblesbrook came to the aid of the dwarves to quell the uprising of Clan Axesmasher, thus solidifying the friendship between the dwarves and the gnomes. After the war is over in 1333, Clan Axesmasher came under the watchful eye of the gnomes and dwarves of Brokenspire Mountain and was allowed to rebuild itself, much to the dismay of the gnomes, but the dwarves were willing to forgive them. By 1346, Clan Axesmasher attempted to rebel once again, as the gnomes figured they would, and as a result, Clan Axesmasher ceased to exist.

In 1456, Beeble Brox was born in Crumblesbrook to a hotheaded merchant and inventor named Blebrox Cornmed, who had a fabulous mustache. His mother was a wizard named Kara Nimblethumb.

In 1458, creatures seemingly sprang forth from the tunnels connecting Crumblesbrook to the rest of Brokenspire. They overran Crumblesbrook and the gnomes were forced to flee to the dwarven settlements.

In 1490, a group of adventurers was commissioned with the task of clearing out the ruins of Crumblesbrook, but completely failed.

After living with the dwarves for quite some time, the remaining gnomes of Brokenspire Mountain decided to stop overstaying their welcome and began construction on a new settlement, Snabapple, in 1502.
In the autumn of 1531, Tinder’s Champions traveled to the ruins of Crumblesbrook to collect samples of the creatures for Drummond.
As of the present, Crumblesbrook still remains overrun with the creatures.

Population: 4,635 before 1458. 0 after 1458.
Current High Fiddler: None.

High Fiddlers of Crumblesbrook
741-894: Pywig Glewag
894-973: Slappywiggle Wagglecod
973-1025: Headslap Pywig
1025-1148: Glehe Adslap
1148-1234: Gigglehead Slappywig
1234-1248: Snag Gigglehead
1248-1302: Dic Snag
1302-1378: Medic Snagiggle
1378-1445: Corn Medic
1445-1458: Broxcorn
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